Hello from the Cambs Unitaries Campaign

After months of informal talks with local stakeholders, we have now publicly launched our campaign website and started identifying supporters.

We aim to be a bottom up, grassroots campaign that builds support from across the political spectrum for more effective and accountable local government in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough through new Unitary Authorities.

To do that, we need your help. These are some of the potential next steps we have identified to move the campaign forwards.

  • Organising and publicising a public meeting to launch the campaign.
  • Joining a steering committee to provide governance to the campaign and ensure it remains broad based and focused solely on our objective of unitary authorities.
  • Joining an activists group to make campaign actions happen.
  • Helping build our online presence – can you help improve the design and visual appeal of our wordpress website, or help set up a Facebook group?
  • Contacting representatives from the political parties, finding out their views and signing them up as supporters – especially if you are a member of a political party locally.
  • Contacting other stakeholder groups like resident’s associations or other campaign groups that may be interested in better local authority accountability and governance.
  • Helping to build our supporters and presence in the north of the County to ensure we campaign across the whole area.
  • Helping with research to provide more details of how new unitary authorities would work, and how their finances would work.

Can you help with any of these areas? Send us an email at hello@cambsunitaries.org.uk to let us know how you can help move the campaign forward. If you know anyone else who would support our campaign, please encourage them to sign up to our mailing list at cambsunitaries.org.uk.